dental surgery Susanne Schicks

We put you first: A comprehensive consultations. Just like your finger print, your teeth and your jaw are unique characteristics of your body. Dentist Susanne Schicks and the team in her dental practice in Wilmersdorf will elaborately advice you about which specific methods of treatment are the right ones for you. You will also be openly informed about if or if it doesen`t make sense to do more than your medical insurance covers, in order for you to get the optimal treatment.


Precaution and Prophylaxis: Preventionis better than cure! Whoever wants to listen to this old saying will be able to spare a few visits at the dentist. Practice Susanne Schicks and her team are there to help you and give you information about how you can keep and support your teeth and help you with any preventional treatments in order to support the health of your teeth and jaw.


The practice offers the following treatments: The team in Wilmersdorf will inform and advice you about the following fields

Teeth-preservation: Amalgam-fillings as service of medical insurance, high quality plastic-ceramic-restauration or optional high-quality gold- and ceramic-ilays as filling therapy, endodontic treatment with high quality plastics-ceramic-restauration or optional high-length in order to get you the absolute best quality.

prothesis: all kinds of immovable or removable dentures, implantation-prothetics and ceramic-veneers

Sugery: teeth-extractions, small to medial surgical treatments

Periodontology: PA-treatments, emdogain-treatments for the bone regenaration

Prophylaxis: Adult-Prophylaxis with extremly pain-poor tartar-remover-apparatus, if asked Air-flow, Intervall rangs with individual aspects, children-proyhylaxis twice a year included in your medical insurance, plus fluoridation after three months for people in risk for tooth decay.

Aesthetics: Bleaching, ceramic-veneers, high quality and blended ceramic coronas.*

* All clarifications, opinions and recommendations for respective doctors, practices and treatments are for information purposes only and cannot be considered as cures. Moreover, we are not guaranteeing a healing or relief of certain diseases or ailments. We are not lieable for damages that may be caused by the use of information on this internet presence. Please note that our general terms and condictions apply for the use of this page.